Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The use of this, and all associated IHBS websites, confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions below. Use of our material by, or for, any other means than described and intended for personal use by the account holder, represents a breach of our terms and conditions, and will lead to automatic closure of an account.

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Unless otherwise specified, all information products are, upon full payment, provided to the account holder for personal use and for the purpose of direct streaming on demand. Any attempt to copy and/or transmit or distribute the content of any of our products (or introductory Sales Letters) either in whole or in part, will constitute an infringement of copyright and will be deemed unlawful, acted upon legally, and result in immediate cancellation of an account.

Usernames and passwords should always be kept confidential and only used by the ‘owner’. Any detected attempt by an additional party to log in using that owner’s information, will result in the account being cancelled and no further information will be provided.

We appreciate any constructive input regarding our products or services and positively welcome interaction with clients, but no inappropriate language, verbal abuse, or disrespectful comments will be accepted, whether they be directed towards IHBS or third parties. Use thereof, will lead to a single warning of account closure.

We also reserve the right to identify any contributing offender should the content be deemed actionable by either IHBS or a third party. Whether reproduced verbatim or ‘IHBS edited’ (without altering the essence), the original contributor will remain liable for the comments submitted.

Any comments or testimonials received by IHBS, will automatically allow this site or any associated IHBS site, to reproduce and to display the content at our discretion for the use of advertising and/or promotion. The content may be either reproduced verbatim, modified, or adapted for any promotional purpose at any time. No client input or testimonial should therefore contain third party copyrighted material. There is no obligation for IHBS to publish any comment or testimonial submitted.

Standard International Copyright and Trademark laws apply to all IHBS products and their content, whether picture, video, or text. All rights are reserved worldwide.

Each product supplied, is complete with an associated Legal Notice. The content of this applicable notice should be observed and understood. Any and all liability for subsequent application or use of a product’s information, or any inferences claimed to have been drawn therefrom by the user, is entirely the users responsibility.

We have made efforts to ensure that this and other IHBS websites are free of viruses to the extent possible. There may be occasions where website display and availability is interrupted for purposes of updating, but all such interruptions will be kept to a minimum.

IHBS reserves all rights to modify these terms and conditions as deemed appropriate at any time. Product prices may, at any time, also be updated in accordance with market conditions and demand.