Bulletin No. 9

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


Don’t be a knowing ‘liar’ purely for profit!   We all deceive and are deceived, to a greater or lesser extent.  Although it might often be tempting, by simply ‘playing to win’ doesn’t mean that you should pursue profits by knowingly, purposely, and openly telling lies that have no possible benefits for anyone but yourself.  It’s morally indefensible and will not serve your growing reputation very well!

The ‘placebo effect’ is widely known about and affords benefits to people in different ways. These may be physically in connection to health, or psychologically with regard to a sense of well-being. However, if they can be seen to work and are literally felt to work, then such a ‘deception’ could be deemed justifiable.  

What is not morally acceptable is the promotion and sale of products or services that are known to be false and of NO potential value to anyone whatsoever, other than your own profiteering.

If you pursue or conduct your business in this way, you’ll eventually be repaid with complaints and aggravation, embarrassment, and the loss of reputation.  

A ‘reputation’ is often long and hard-earned, while it can be lost quickly and very easily. Conduct your business in a responsible way!

In our view, many examples of ‘borderline’ business practice and profiteering can be seen with the many ‘online business opportunities’ that are regularly marketed by people who absolutely KNOW that for the great majority, the chances of true commercial success are miniscule! That’s why we’ve published the uniquely valuable document “The Truth is Out There!” click here

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