Bulletin No. 8

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


Specialise!  Decide what you’re going to do, and aim to do ONE thing to the very best of your ability. Determine to do it better than anyone else you know! Set out to become a recognised and admired ‘Expert’ or ‘Specialist’.  (Click onto www.internethomebusinessschool.com/stepthree)

A disproportionate percentage of rewards go to specialists, and an even greater proportion goes to the very best of them!   Those who do many things “quite well”, are never the recipients of the biggest rewards.  

Concentrate on a single goal rather than aiming to do several things. Remember that “a jack of all trades is a true master of none”!

Play to win.   Life isn’t fair!  Many business people are less fair than most. They frequently don’t play by “the rules”, but in fact make up their own rules and simply play to win!  

The path to success is rarely paved in a straight line.  Theory and practice have usually been quite different, and where such differences do occur, ‘practice’ is always better than ‘theory’. You must therefore use whatever practical means are available, in order to succeed in reaching your well-defined goal. A sure way to avoid joining the masses that consistently waste time and money, is to read our uniquely valuable publication “The Truth is Out There!” click here

To kick-start your new business, keep the vision of your ultimate LIFESTYLE in mind, don’t get bogged down with that mass of internet ‘informational noise’, and click on  www.internethomebusinessschool.com to discover the proper way to begin your exciting journey into FREEDOM!