Bulletin No. 7

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


Look after the irreplaceable.  No-one in the world has more than 24 hours in a day, or more than 365 days per year.  Time itself is irreplaceable and it’s therefore vitally important to prioritise!  Whatever you choose to spend your time upon, consider whether or not it’s being well invested!  In this regard, it’s ESSENTIAL that you see our unique publication “The Truth is Out There!” click here.  It will save you months of wasted time, and literally thousands in currency!

Use whatever time you can, to ‘R.S.V.P.’!  (See Bulletin No. 3). Look after all the things that are irreplaceable, such as yourself, your health and your well-being.  Only spend your money on things that will pay dividends one way or another, as opposed to those that merely depreciate.

You can change your car, or even leave the prime investment that is your home, but you cannot leave your body, or change who you are. Only what you are!

When occasions arise where nothing seems to be going in your favour, accept that it happens to EVERYONE, and the difference in outcome is usually only down to how you choose to deal with the problems, and look for the opportunities that might actually be presented by them.

Accept that while you can’t control the things that happen to you, you can certainly control how you react to them.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, whereas an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty!

To kick-start your new business, keep the vision of your ultimate LIFESTYLE in mind, don’t get bogged down with that mass of internet ‘informational noise’, and click on  www.internethomebusinessschool.com to discover the proper way to begin your exciting journey into FREEDOM!