Bulletin No. 6

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


If you need (as most people do), to engage in the troublesome process of making money, you might just as well make a large amount of it!  

Once you’ve decided on the means, by ‘SYSTEMATISING’ your approach you’ll find that relatively little extra effort is required in order to multiply the results many times over. (Certain things may have to be done with amendments, but generally, things are not that much more difficult or time-consuming).

If it’s already been done, it can be done again.  If somebody’s already achieved a particular result, there’s no reason for assuming that it can’t be replicated by other people.  

By whatever means employed, wherever substantial wealth has been created by an individual’s own efforts, it’s ridiculous to suggest that it can’t be made to happen again and again.  

The great majority of ‘successful’ people haven’t been lucky, they’ve merely acquired the right information, focussed their attention, and ACTED upon the things they’ve come to recognise as important. Even the most valuable information that ever comes your way is absolutely useless, unless it’s ACTED upon. To help ensure that you act upon things in the correct way from the outset, see the valuable ‘insider information’ in our publication “The Truth is Out There!” click here

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