Bulletin No. 5

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


We all suffer setbacks, but to succeed in anything at all, you need absolute determination not to be shaken by any number of them. (Thomas Edison famously announced that he hadn’t ‘failed’ but had in fact succeeded in discovering 10,000 ways of inventing an electric light bulb that didn’t work!)

As you begin to formulate more thoughts and ideas on your new internet business, write down the date on which you started to read these bulletins and first clicked onto the Internet HOME BUSINESS School website.

Make a resume of your present situation and your particular aims.  Also, on a scale of 1 to 100, write down your current assessment of your true feelings of confidence, well-being, and success (as related to your ultimate aims). Personal improvement, with a positive approach to life in general, needs also to be constantly applied to business matters.  

It’s obvious there’ll be ‘common denominators’, but where these occur, look at them in the context of both a personal and a business sense. Any particular consideration can be felt emotionally on a personal level – or considered practically from a business point of view.

To help maintain enthusiasm as you build your new internet business, it’s important to monitor progress in both a personal and a business sense. Therefore, revisit and amend your initial ‘assessment number’ on a monthly basis and be prepared to step out of your mental comfort zone if you’re determined to capitalise on whatever new insights can take you to new horizons. One of the most valuable of ALL new ‘insights’ (that will save you considerable time and literally thousands in currency), is the ‘insider information’ contained in our publication “The Truth is Out There!” click here

To kick-start your new business, keep the vision of your ultimate LIFESTYLE in mind, don’t get bogged down with that mass of internet ‘informational noise’, and click on  www.internethomebusinessschool.com to discover the proper way to begin your exciting journey into FREEDOM!