Bulletin No. 3

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


Daily bombardment of ‘internet information’ is relentless!  It’s all too easy to quickly get lost in all the “free of charge incredible offers” (which always lead to unwelcome expenditure later on), or those “quick and easy to operate” ‘ready-made’ online businesses being promoted by numerous internet marketers.  (Don’t BUY a business. – BUILD one, on solid foundations). For ‘inside information’ that will save you considerable time and literally thousands in currency, see our publication “The Truth is Out There!” click here

Although it’s important to select your ‘business advice source’ carefully, it’s equally important to not be selective about which ‘bits’ of advice you then choose to follow, based purely on what you happen to find attractive! Some business activities will always be more enjoyable than others.

The ownership of a [successful] business has the potential to free you from the enforced routine of actually ‘working’ for a living, but it does demand effort! By creating and controlling a business of your own, you’re effectively taking control of the greater part of your entire life, – so it’s WORTH making that effort!

It’s often been said that “most people never make any money, because they’re too busy earning a living!”  However, if success was quickly gained without any effort, everyone would be ‘successful’ and no sense of achievement would exist.  

Learn to ‘R.S.V.P.’!   ie. Read, Study, Visualise, and Perform! It’s no use reading if you don’t study what you’re reading, and if you don’t visualise what you’re studying, you’ll never be able to perform!

To kick-start your new business, keep the vision of your ultimate LIFESTYLE in mind, don’t get bogged down with that mass of internet ‘informational noise’, and click on  www.internethomebusinessschool.com to discover the proper way to begin your exciting journey into FREEDOM!