Bulletin No. 2

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


Achieving success can often amount to little other than applied common sense and logic. That being the case, the route to success is arguably a simple and straightforward one. However, it’s not necessarily an easy one! Simple concepts and easy execution can often be quite different.

Ignore many of the lengthy books padded out with other’s ‘success stories’ and concentrate on what YOU need to do!  Everyone’s story is different, and yours will be too. What you need, is good information in short, bite-size chunks that you can easily digest, so that in a very short space of time you’re able to focus upon and absorb something new, valuable, and worthwhile. – That way you’ll more easily retain it!

These bulletins are designed to tell you:

  • How to think and what to think,
  • How to learn and what to learn, and also….                                                 
  • What to do and what NOT to do! (For uniquely valuable ‘inside information’ on this, see our publication “The Truth is Out There!”) click here

Everything’s concise and precise. Putting “old heads on young shoulders” can bring success more quickly, safely, economically, and without so much of the heartache that otherwise features in life.

Everything in these bulletins is based on experience and should be taken literally; neither challenged nor questioned – but readily accepted and relied upon!  That way, you’ll always have at least one clear direction for your thoughts and actions.

No-one will ever wave a magic wand and give you access to instant riches. Despite thousands of fabulous ‘overnight money-making systems’ advertised by whizz-kids everywhere, it’s NOT going to happen! The route to success will be through your own diligent efforts, using only correct thinking and employing only right action. (See our publication “The Truth Is Out There!”) click here

To kick-start your new business, keep the vision of your ultimate LIFESTYLE in mind, don’t get bogged down with that mass of internet ‘informational noise’, and click on  www.internethomebusinessschool.com to discover the proper way to begin your exciting journey into FREEDOM!