Bulletin No. 10

Internet HOME BUSINESS for Beginners


Decide on the character you want to play, and then become it!

What you think, affects the way that you feel.
The way that you feel, influences what you do.
But only what you DO, can determine what you get!

Shakespeare declared that “All the world is a stage, and all the people are the players upon it”. Most people in the public eye that are upon that stage, are not really as we see them. They are as they WANT us to see them! ie. they’re ‘playing a part’ for our (and their own) benefit.

With that in mind, if you play the part of the ‘character’ you want to become, and position and present your business in a manner as to be perceived in a particular way, you can begin to think as if you had become that character, controlling that ‘perceived’ business. It will then empower you to feel that way!

Once you begin to feel that way, it will affect your behaviour and many of the things that you do. Which will, in turn, will play a large part in what you finally GET!  In other words, – without detrimentally misleading anyone, – fake it until you actually make it!  (See www.internethomebusinessschool.com/stepthree )

In given circumstances, being somewhat economical with the truth, is not the same as setting out to tell blatant lies, or to knowingly issue misleading information that will eventually result in the alienation of customers! Because so many do the latter, we felt it appropriate and necessary to publish the valuable ‘insider information’ contained in a private document “The Truth is Out There!” click here

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