There are thousands (millions?) of you out there!
You fail to understand things because no-one teaches you properly!
NO-ONE accepts that (irrespective of intelligence) you currently know nothing about engaging in the new world of e-commerce. Everyone (quite wrongly) ASSUMES you already have a certain level of knowledge that in fact, you don’t!
Does this sound or feel (uncomfortably) familiar?

Your age is irrelevant! Maybe you grew up with a ‘traditional’ education before personal computers were even invented (in 1975). We did! That’s exactly WHY we understand so much frustration (experienced particularly by older people).

When trying to make a new beginning in e-commerce, you’re constantly faced with ‘whizzkids’ speaking at 100 mph. about things you know nothing about, telling you how quick and easy it is to put everything together. Then you begin to feel depressed and defeated when you find out that (for you) it’s simply not true! These young people have been educated in a different way! Sure, they know all about computers and technology – but all too often they have relatively little knowledge and experience of life and human nature.

But just suppose you could “put an old head on young shoulders”?

Wouldn’t that be a real advantage? Well, you CAN! But only if you complement greater life experience with sufficient knowledge of internet business procedures

WE explain these things in a uniquely ‘sequential’ manner, that will allow you to learn what’s necessary in a way that makes absolute sense to you, and at a pace that you can absorb as a true beginner! You can NOW start the journey that will take you somewhere other than back (yet again) to square one!

Whatever your age, we’ll work WITH you to best ensure your success. We’re only successful if we help to make you successful!

Click on the link opposite and turn up the sound.
(You’ll be very glad that you did!)

Yours most sincerely,
Internet HOME BUSINESS School