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Straightforward talking. Tells it like it really is!! (I know - because I was a

P. Holmes (Mrs)

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Nikala H. Cheshire

The truth about starting ANY online business is right here! Some won’t like it, but many more need to know it!

It’s long overdue for debunking the costly untruths about starting a new Internet Home Business! That “Innovative New Opportunity” will NOT provide you with a short-cut to success! That superb “Monthly Training Course” inviting subscription, has been designed only to extract as much of your money as possible! That “Special One Day Seminar” is unlikely to be a racetrack to any kind of profitable business! That “Easy to Operate Ready-made Online Business” advertised on social media, will prove to be nothing but a sheer waste of money!

Countless ‘hopefuls’ who have fallen victim to these (and similar) false promises, have spent thousands of pounds and several years searching for the quick, easy, no experience required success they were “guaranteed”.

The inside information here has been obtained over numerous years at a cost of many thousands of pounds, and is now available for the very first time. It will change the way you think about business forever! It defines an approach to starting a new internet business that will instantly put you ahead of 99% of your online competitors - saving you THOUSANDS in the process!

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Learn How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

All of this newly available inside information can be in yours in a matter of seconds!

It isn’t necessary for you to risk piling up credit card bills or draining your bank account. You don’t need to learn harsh lessons by making the same mistakes that others constantly suffer – The answers are right here for you!

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Leap Ahead Of 99% Of Your Competitors

Springing ahead of others can only be done if you have certain advantages. Since basic human nature never changes, the information here provides reliably effective online business insights that avoid every-day marketing ploys.

This entrepreneurial logic will allow many newcomers to succeed, where most others will continue to fail.

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Stack The Odds In Your Favour

Unlike typical ‘Online Marketing’, this is NOT an attempt to sell you an Internet Business Dream of netting great rewards for only working a couple of hours per week! The sole purpose is to promote genuine success through the little-known and non-publicised ‘Entrepreneurial Perspective’.

You can now begin a new venture with the odds stacked firmly in your favour. Everything described is entirely factual. Nothing is hypothetical!

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George Fredric

The Author has been involved with traditional business for 50 years and has been instrumental in developing new products that have sold successfully all around the world.

His experience includes that of CEO of an American Mining Corporation with assets exceeding $2.8 Billion.

This personal insight into the impediments of starting a new Internet Business will be found appropriate not only for young people with business aspirations, but for many potential Internet Entrepreneurs whose experience may also have been that of traditional business from a completely different era!

What's Included?

For the first time ever, the hard facts that competitors and typical Online Marketers don’t want you to have, are now available to you! Such insight will loosen their grip on your money and boost your own chances of starting a successful online business with minimum costs both financially and emotionally.

Where online bandits appear irresistible by encouraging and preying upon your ‘hopes and dreams’ – the information here, solely addresses your practical needs!

Amongst many additional topics, those covered include:

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